Real-life ways in which high-functioning depression can manifest itself

Real-life ways in which high-functioning depression can manifest itself

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Did you ever meet someone whom you thought to be a smiling and competent co-worker only to realize later that he is a complete failure from within? We don’t picture these guys in our daily lives as they are fighting their own battle against depression. Each of them is dealing with what is called high functioning depression. Though high-functioning depression doesn’t seem to be similar to the stereotype depression which we bear in our heads, the risks are significant enough when left untreated.

The trickiest thing about this form of depression is that it is tough for someone to spot this as the people who deal with it seem to be perfectly in control of their feelings. Here we will discuss how high functioning depression manifests itself in real life.

#1: Difficulty in experiencing joy

When someone is suffering from high-functioning depression, the things which brought them pleasure before will no longer bring the same feeling. Suppose you cherished to go for your dance classes, you will suddenly start feeling aversive. This might feel like events or burdens which you wish to avoid since it feels as an extra effort rather than support.

#2: Merciless criticism of others and self

You might start feeling that merciless internal person who constantly criticises your own self and also criticizes others. You may start thinking that you’re a failure or your boss is an idiot or you’re the most irritating person alive in the world. All such negative thoughts will turn you off all the time.

#3: Reduced energy levels

You will feel that spending each day is similar to walking up a steep mountain as you will barely have that mental and physical energy to handle your life any longer. In case the overall energy level is diminished greatly, this is definitely a symptom of high functioning depression.

#4: Self-doubt

You may always have a doubt about yourself, whether or not you’re on the perfect career path, whether you’re involved in the right relationship or whether you’re doing the right thing in your life and you will sometimes even doubt about whether you can handle yourself as an adult. In short, you will have constant self doubt about whatever little thing you do.

#5: Excess anger or irritability

In case you find yourself blowing for small things, you can be sure that this is a symptom of high functioning depression. You can visit for more information on high functioning depression. Suppose your kid just broke your favorite mug and you find yourself exploding out of anger, this is definitely a sign of depression.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about how you can cure high functioning depression, you can take into account the above mentioned facts.

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