Introduction to Alpha GPC

Introduction to Alpha GPC

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One of the most important chemical that the human brain needs for learning and memory are acetylcholine. It is a neurotransmitter that is derived from a precursor commonly known as choline. Alpha GPC is one of the top sources to get choline. Choline is probably one of the best things that you can consume for your brain health.

It helps in keeping your brain healthy while improving your memory and cognitive skills. However, Choline levels in your brain start declining after a certain age that leads to various age-related brain diseases, like Alzheimer’s, dementia, memory loss, and others. This is why people are advised to take supplements to make up for the declining Choline levels.

One of the best sources of Choline for your brain is Alpha GPC. It’s a supplement that provides an abundant supply of Choline to your brain. Here is everything that you should know about Alpha GPC UK.

What is Alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC or Alpha-glycerophosphocholine is choline containing supplement that is very good for the brain. It is one of the most efficient choline prodrugs that influences both systemic and brain concentrations of choline. Alpha GPC is released when a certain fatty acid found in plants breaks down and is turned into a supplement    .

Taking 1000 mg of Alpha GPC daily is studied to improve your overall memory, attention, and even cognitive abilities efficiently.

Some of the other benefits of Alpha GPC includes:

  • Promoting memory and recalling abilities
  • Protecting the neurons from getting damaged
  • Providing the abundant amount of choline to the brain
  • Enhancing mood

How to consume Alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC is proven to be effective when consumed directly, but it may provide more benefits when it’s stacked with other supplements that are cognitive enhancers. However, you need to make sure that you are stacking it with the right supplements. For that, you can consult your doctor or an expert with a better idea.

Alpha GPC dosage

Now that you know the benefit of Alpha GOC, you might be intrigued to give the supplement a try. However, before that, you need to know the dosage that you can consume. Not knowing about the dosage of any supplement can be disastrous since you might end up taking more than recommended, which may give rise to serious side effects. Here’s what you need to know on the dosage of Alpha GPC:

  • For most adults, the recommended amount of Alpha GPC is the cumulative daily dosage of 300 – 1200 mg in a day, which can be taken in one or two doses.
  • If you’re using Alpha GPC with a nootropic stack, the recommended dose is 300 – 600 mg to start out.
  • Remember, if you’re just starting out, do it from the lowest possible dose and increase it gradually. This will help your body to adapt well to the supplement.

Side effects

Alpha-GPC is proven to have very fewer side effects and interactions. It goes well with the human body, and because of it, Alpha GPC has become very popular among people. However, it doesn’t mean it cannot have any adverse effects on your body. It can cause side effects in some people including heartburn, insomnia, dizziness, headache skin rash, and confusion. In some cases, it may also cause some gastrointestinal and other problems.

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