Benefits of Stacking Anadrol with HGH

Benefits of Stacking Anadrol with HGH

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Over the years anabolic steroids have become synonymous with the filed of body building for the immense benefits they provide. Since they are similar in composition to the male sex hormone testosterone they lead to the development of male sexual characteristics and skeletal muscles. This phenomenon is seen equally in men and women using the steroids. The amount of anabolic and androgenic effect of the steroid carries with dosage consumed. Example of one such anabolic steroid that helps in building muscle mass is Anadrol a commonly used steroid in the bulking cycle. The steroid can be used alone or stacked together with growth hormone HGH to yield spectacular results.

The steroid also known by the name oxymetholone is considered to be one of the best steroids used for building muscle mass. The steroid was actually prescribed during the treatment of anaemia and osteoporosis. But its ability to promote muscle growth has made it quiet popular in the field of body building. The steroid is available in both oral forms that is pills and capsules and also injections. Anadrol can be stacked with other steroids to yield better results but stacking it together with growth hormone is something to look out for. Anadrol increases the production of the red blood cells there leading to a buildup of muscle mass. When the steroid is coupled with the growth hormone HGH it not only accelerates the buildup of muscle mass but also helps reducing cell exhaustion. After an intense training session it tells the body to repair itself while we are asleep. Overall we can say that when anadrol is used in combination with HGH the process of building muscle mass will be accelerated. Not only this; the body would become more energetic and will have the capacity to repair itself from tissue damage.

For optimal results maintaining an ideal dosage level of the stack is essential. Normally when the two are taken together the dodge of anadrol is maintained around 25-50 mg per day and that of the human growth hormone is maintained at 5-10 IU’s per day. This anadrol HGH cycle could be run safely for a cycle of 6 weeks. After this the chances of developing liver toxicity increases. It is important that the dosage ratios are maintained to avoid any kind of adverse reactions. Ideally the HGH injection should be taken in two doses with a gap of about 6-8 hours. Also the dosage of anadrol in the stack should not go beyond 100 mg per day.

When the appropriate dosage is not maintained certain side effects of the steroid are seen. Some of the common side effects of the steroid include nausea, headache, increased blood pressure and a feeling of bloating due to water retention. Other than this one serious side effect of the steroid includes liver toxicity. When the steroid is abused it puts pressure on the liver there by making it toxic. Majority of the symptoms disappear once the cycle is stopped but if they persist it’s important to consult the doctor.

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